You’ve already applied to your dream college! Now what?

You’ve already applied to your dream college! Now what?

We present you a brief guide to starting university life – How to prepare financially and socially!


University represents a new stage in your life, full of unique experiences . It’s time to prepare not only academically, but also financially and socially!


Here are some important aspects to ensure you start this new chapter in your life being prepared and confident:


  1. Financial organization:
  •    Managing fees and scholarships: First, familiarize yourself with all university fees and make sure you have a clear understanding of the costs involved. Explore scholarship options and make sure to apply for those you are eligible for.
  •    Savings plans: Create a financial plan that includes both monthly expenses and savings for unforeseen situations. It’s important to have a financial reserve to handle any urgent needs.

  1. Finding suitable accommodation:
  •    Budget analysis: Set a budget for accommodation and calculate the monthly expenses allowable for this purpose. Make sure to choose an option that fits within this budget.
  •    Assessing personal needs: Before choosing accommodation, consider your personal preferences, such as distance from campus, available facilities, and the environment.


  1. Connecting with the university’s international community:
  •    Participating in social events: Get involved in activities and events organized by the university that facilitate interaction among students. These are an excellent way to expand your network of acquaintances and create a comfort zone.
  •    Exploring club and organization options: The university offers a variety of clubs and organizations for students. Choose those that match your interests and passions and actively engage in them.


  1. Preparing for university life:
  •    Efficient packing: To make the moving process easier, pack your things in an organized and efficient manner. Prioritize essential items and use labeled boxes and bags for easier identification.
  •    Establishing an effective study schedule: Create a study schedule that allows you to balance class hours, work, and free time. Be flexible and adjust your schedule based on the needs and requirements of your courses.


Are you ready for this adventure?

Starting university life can be overwhelming, but with proper preparation, you can transition successfully. Make sure you are financially prepared, find suitable accommodation, engage with the university community, and set clear goals for academic life.


These are essential steps to start your university experience positively and successfully. Let’s confidently step onto this path paved with wonderful experiences!

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