Undergraduate Studies in Europe

including the UK and Switzerland

FINS offers you a single type of loan for Bachelor’s degree studies.

You can borrow up to 25.000 EUR for a Bachelor's Degree with a duration of 3 or 4 years.
*5-year or 6-year programmes are analyzed on a case-by-case basis

What can you pay with a FINS loan?

Tuition Fees

(including deposit)

Medical insurance

Monthly expenses
(food, transportation, personal expenses, entertainment)

Equipments and study materials for your university activity

Terms of use:

The loan is granted only during your studies

Monthly disbursements directly into your bank account

During the use period of the loan, you will only pay a monthly commission and the interest calculated based on the amount used from the loan, starting with the end of the first month of use

Interrupting your studies for any reason shall result in the suspension of the amounts left from the loan, and shall trigger the repayment period

Grace period:

Maximum 6 months after graduation, upon request

During this period you will only pay a monthly commission and the interest calculated on the basis of the borrowed amount

Repayment period:

Up to

maximum 10 years

Equal installments throughout the entire

repayment period

The repayment period


After graduation


After the grace period of up to 6 months after graduation


Immediately, when the student loses their student status or good academic standing.

You can pay-off your loan earlier,
with no extra costs.

The maximum amount you can borrow will be determined depending on the expressed needs, the budget stated in the application and only after the analysis of the application file and the interview.

Interest rate:

FINS loans have an interest rate between 9.5% and 11.5%, during studies, during the grace period and in the first 6 months of the repayment period.

Starting with the 7th month of the repayment period, you can benefit from a reduced interest fee of 9%.

Other costs:

Loan awarding fee:
250 EUR (it is paid only once, when the loan is granted)

Monthly commision fee: 15 EUR (it is paid monthly, for the entire period of the loan)

Early repayment fee: 0%

Other terms and conditions:

Depending on the university and country in which you choose to study, you may access loans without the need of a co-signer. This benefit applies only for European Union countries and depends on the profile and situation of each applicant in question.

If you need a co-signer, he/she can be anyone from your family, a friend, partner, etc. and it is not mandatory for him/her to live or work abroad.


You are an EU national with the citizenship of a European Union country.

You are preparing to apply, have applied, or are already accepted to a Bachelor’s or a Master’s programme offered by a university in Europe.

You have a clean financial record, e.g. not blacklisted with any outstanding debts for previous loans by any other financial institution.
In evaluating the loan application, we take into account:

The ranking of the university and of the study programme you want to attend

The employability reports published by the university you want to attend

The field of studies and the connection with the economic sectors with high employability potential

The reputation of your previous studies

The academic performance achieved so far

Internships or previous work experience (if any)

International experience (if any)

Extracurricular activities and other professional certifications (if any)

This financing is made possible thanks to the guarantee that has been provided by the European Union under the European Fund For Strategic Investments (EFSI). The purpose of EFSI is to help support financing and implementing productive investments in the European Union and to ensure increased access to financing.

What budget do you need to study abroad?

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