Lack of money should not stop anyone from pursuing excellent education.

Founded in 2017, FINS is a member of EDUCATIVA, a group of companies with 14 years experience in delivering outstanding educational services and products, such as EDMUNDO and RIUF.

FINS has a growing network of partners, both universities and education agents, across Europe, United Kingdom and Switzerland.

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Why partner with FINS

You will be ready to give a good answer to one of the questions most often asked: How can I pay for my studies abroad?

A sustainable and advantageous financial solution for students that has no real competition in CEE.

Loans with and without guarantor for all EU citizens, which means a large pool of students can access our loans.

Engage with prospective students that traditionally would think they cannot afford studying abroad.

Decrease number of drop-outs due to financial reasons.

Keep your EU student numbers up as FINS covers anything from tuition fees to living costs and personal expenses.

Work with experts in educational services. Trusted by students and supported by the European Investment Fund and Erasmus+.

Access to more financially-aware and ready-to-apply students due to our financial counselling service and student-tailored application process.

How can you
become a partner?

I’m an education agent

We work with educational agents across Europe and we would be happy to discuss with you how you can offer FINS to your students and also increase your revenue. If you’d like to discuss this further, please write an e-mail to:

I’m an university

There are multiple ways in which a university can inform their students about FINS. If you’d like to discuss this further, please contact us at

I’m a student

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Who we partner with:


Other Education Providers

Education Agents

The first student loan in CEE centered on student needs and potential.

Customized loan offer, based on the budget submitted by the student, so we avoid overborrowing.

Loan given in installments on an as-needed basis è we avoid overspending and unnecessary interest fee payments.

Affordable interest rates: between 9% – 12.5% during the study & grace periods.

Interest can decrease to 9% starting in the 7th month of the repayment period.

Grace period for the whole duration of the study period and up to 12 month after the study period.

FINS keeps in touch with students before, during and after their studies.

Assistance with job finding for the alumni who wish to return to their home countries.

Affordable repayment structure, with long repayment periods: 5 years for Master graduates and 10 years for Bachelor graduates.

Students can pay-off their loan earlier, with no extra costs.

Interested in becoming a FINS partner?